Abba Motorcycle Sky Carry

Abba Motorcycle Sky Carry

Due to the strain load generated on the main lifting shaft by the roller guides, some areas of the shaft will mark/free a few of the paint end. This has no effect on the longevity of the product and is only cosmetic. If you are involved a smear of sunshine oil on the effected area would suffice. Only benefit of workbench is in case you have bike there’s no abba fitting kit for or for non bike makes use of. I’ve got the superbike stand and have looked out for the sky carry prior to now but as a result of cost I was thinking ultimately I’ll just get a ramp and use it at the side of the regular stand. My greatest concern was whether there would be enough access to the left hand side of the bike while it was on the stand, I needn’t have nervous.

abba skylift

abba Bobbin & Hub adapters – Full product details here. 6mm, 8mm, 10mm bobbin adapters provided as well as 4 hub spindles appropriate for most common Triumph, Honda and Ducati single sided swing arm bikes. The rear Hub and sprocket can be removed by support the bike within the “Stoppie” place. With the abba Sky Lift your bike will stay totally standard, no modifications or components to be fitted making certain your bike stays looking authentic, and you don’t invalidate any Manufacturer warranty.

Incessantly Asked Questions For The Abba Sky Carry

There is plenty of room to get to every thing on the left while the bike is on the stand. With all the extra bits I purchased I spent £580 on the skylift, it is money nicely spent, I can even take away the swingarm if wanted as I purchased the footpeg package to allow it. I can push the bike across the storage safely on the raise, the only downside I even have seen is that I can’t carry the bike if it is already up on the centre stand because the central leg of the carry must be the place the centre stand is. The most common method to raise the bike is with it horizontal – an arm is inserted to comply with the ram as it raises, and the strap connected to the spindle right here.

I’d wish to have seen slightly bigger, rubberised wheels to keep things a little smoother and quieter, however Abba has more than 25 years of experience behind it, so I’m positive Alan and Steve have chosen the best solution. A hefty pin is held in clipped to the side of stand, prepared for you to insert at any one of 4 positions – doing this locks the peak, then you’ll be able to release the pressure from the hydraulic ram. You can go away a motorcycle on the stand indefinitely – should you’re not going to journey over winter as an example, it’s an effective way to keep away from flat-spots on the tyres.

Fitting Kits

You will receive the total Sky Lift with wheels, foot operated hydraulic pump, support strap and becoming kit if required. The Horizontal lifting place permits you to simply increase the bike with each wheels level like a traditional bench raise. Finally, their customer service is excellent, I’m actually happy with everything, particularly the 3 12 months warranty they offer , to me that reveals an actual dedication to the quality of their own products. Every single part used in the construction of the Abba Sky Lift is out there direct from the manufacturing facility, and every little thing the corporate makes comes with a 3-year assure.

  • If we manufacture a fitting kit in your bike it’s going to safely lift the bikes weight, yow will discover this out by utilizing the drop down menus to select your mannequin.
  • When I launched the pressure, the front of the bike dropped down into the stoppie position.
  • While I’m but to carry the 14 with it, I used it to bleed the brakes on the Ducati .
  • We promote an optional swing-arm removing equipment which fits onto the footrest hanger mounts.
  • Only one spindle is provided, and it’s a easy job to swap it between the bottom and the rising arm, but for comfort, I fitted an extra one as it only costs £6.95.
  • I can push the bike across the garage safely on the lift, the only draw back I have seen is that I can’t raise the bike if it’s already up on the centre stand as the central leg of the lift needs to be the place the centre stand is.

The Abba Sky Lift requires no modifications or components to be completely fitted to your bike in any way, your machine stays totally commonplace. If we manufacture a becoming kit for the bike it will safely lift the bikes weight. If we manufacture a fitting kit in your bike it will safely raise the bikes weight, you can find this out by utilizing the drop down menus to select your model. The strap could be secured around your bike’s swingarm or paddock stand bobbins. If that’s not an possibility, a bobbin adaptor is on the market for between around £6 and £12, relying on the bike – this can either screw into the fixing factors for paddock stand bobbins, or move into the rear axle. If you’re utilizing the screw-in sort, make sure you tighten it absolutely, and remember to remove it earlier than driving off (solely because it’s fairly lengthy, so could damage the swingarm if you crashed).

When I released the stress, the front of the bike dropped down into the stoppie position. There was no damage, but it’s worth ensuring that the strap that keeps the bike horizontal or within the wheelie position doesn’t come off. With a maximum capacity of 450kg, there’s you’ll not be capable of overload the Abba stand – the only slight danger is within the bike rotating around the swingarm. I haven’t yet eliminated an engine with the bike on the stand, but it’s potential that removing this mass from forward of the mounting points could trigger the bike to tip backwards if the rear wheel was still in place. There are four units of double-wheeled castors on the Abba Sky Lift, two of which may be locked off. On my smooth garage flooring it’s very easy to maneuver any bike round, though small stones which have fallen out of the fairing can make it tougher.

Our neighborhood is free to join, and we welcome all motorcycle riders from around the world to debate the current Aprilia RSV4 superbike, and the older Aprilia RSVR and Aprilia RSV Mille sportbikes. Would anyone be capable of tell me the tough dimensions, weight of an abba skylift when its collapsed. Looking to buy one, but have to get price for delivery. What I will say is, having the bike up at a decent working peak is worth its weight in gold. I was all set to order a carry-up bench when a pal reminded me of the Skylift – undoubtedly looks extra flexible than just a bench, and I simply can’t find a bad evaluation of it.

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